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Major Highlights




June 18

Q1-Q2 Report

A major update about the first 5 months of 2019.

June 4

Game of Nodes

Game of Nodes: the Ruler is Dead. Staking and extra rewards.

June 2

2 Month Update

New integrator Axveco, on-chain performance & community update.

May 31

Binance Chain

Binance Chain integration - not migration. Binance DEX.

April 20

London Event

Rick and Arnold spreading the LTO virus in UK

April 17


Hackathon updates and results.

April 9

April weekly #1

New integrators, V-ID, GDPR event, and Brad's interview.

Mar 29


Enabling blockchain for over 1 million users. The produce is live!

Mar 28

CMS event

Speaking with partners from CMS about GDPR x Blockchain.

Mar 22

March weekly #2

Over 10,000 daily transactions on mainnet, and upcoming events.

Mar 12


Partnering with CertiK after a successful hackathon in NY.

Mar 11

March weekly #1

Blockfolio, Delta Direct, and token economy analysis.

Mar 8


Capptions becoming an integrator. The product is live!

Mar 7


Completed integration of LegalThings and Firm24 products.

Feb 27

February Recap

Extended lockups, Messari, AMA #1, on-chain usage growth.

Jan 16

IBM Watson

Speeding up small criminal cases for the Dutch Ministry.

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